Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books
A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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A more-or-less elaborate box made to order for a specific book, or other archival material, and used for protection. The simplest form of the slipcase ir a cloth- or paper-covered box with one open edge into which the book is slipped with its spine exposed. The addition of a cloth dust wrapper or chemise affords additional protection. however, since the spine is then covered, the title must either be blocked directly on the closed edge of the box or a label must be attached to the chemise. The substitution of an inner box for the chemise is a further elaboration. The inner box is usually made of chipboard covered with cloth, and frequently it is lined with felt or a felt substitute to protect the contents against friction within the inner box. A cloth tab may be attached as a means of pulling the inner box from the case, or the sides of the case may be thumb-notched to permit grasping of the inner box. Simple slipcases, which have no inner box or chemise, should not be notched as this places considerable strain on the joints of the book when it is removed and also causes soiling of the covering material. The outer case may be improved in appearance by rounding the closed edge to give the appearance of the spine of a book, but this is seldom done. except for very valuable books. The booklike appearance may be further enhanced by attaching false bands to the closed edge to give the effect of sewing on raised bands, and by covering the case with a leather spine and cloth sides.

A slipcase should fit the book it protects. The inner box, if any, other wise the case itself, should hold the book snugly so that it cannot move and rub against the board, which in turn should provide a sliding fit in the case. But the case (or box) should not be so tight that the book must be pulled from it, nor so loose that the book will fall out. See also: PULL-OFF BOX . (81 , 173 , 339 )

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