BPG Publications Committee Winter Meeting Report – February 25, 2003

Nancy Purinton, Chair

The BPG Publications Committee held its mid-year meeting in Washington, DC. Attending were Walter Henry, Kate Maynor, Olivia Primanis, Alan Puglia, Nancy Purinton, Shannon Zachary and Karen Zukor (BPG Chair).

The statement regarding BPG Publications Committee purpose, membership and duties was drafted and distributed to the membership last year. No changes were requested or made so it will now be sent to the BPG Executive Council for approval.

Volume 21 of the BPG Annual is almost complete and will be dedicated to Christa Gaehde. The form and collection of the permission forms for Annual authors were discussed.

Progress reported through the year included work by all members of the committee. In the past year two more Annuals were put online, volumes 10 and 11; five more volumes are in process. The Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC) continues to make progress with proofreading scanned chapters and updating bibliographies. The Book Conservation Catalog (BCC) will have a poster session at the 2003 AIC meeting.

The committee wrote drafts of several documents including guidelines for reports from discussion groups to the Annual, a translation statement, job descriptions for volunteer positions and a statement of purpose for the BCC.