Publications Committee Winter Meeting Report – February 9, 2002

Nancy Purinton, Chair

The Publications Committee held its mid-year meeting in Washington, DC. Attending were Nancy Purinton (Chair), Alan Puglia, Dianne van der Reyden, Shannon Zachary, Walter Henry and Leslie Paisley (BPG Chair). The primary goal of the meeting was to write the Policy statement for the committee, included in this mailing. Other highlights were as follows:

Jane Klinger has resigned from the committee because of her new responsibilities to AIC as Director/Committee Liaison. BPG Secretary/Treasurer Fern Bleckner has stated that the income from the sales of BPG publications is down this year.

A statement of “Purpose, Membership and Duties” was written for the BPG Publications Committee. Shannon Zachary wrote a policy statement for the Annual last year. Statements of purpose for the Paper Conservation Catalog and the Book Conservation Catalog will be written.

The BPG website was discussed, especially with regard to the responsibilities of the Publications Committee members to it and what material should be on it.

The backlog of the Annual was discussed and Nancy's efforts to distribute them. Because samples sets were sent to two contacts in South America, and they wish to translate them, the issue of translation was discussed. It was decided that before making any translation of material from the Annual, the translator(s) must obtain the author's permission. If permission is not obtained, the translation is a violation of copyright. When an article is translated, the translation must include a note of authorization and a complete citation of the original article; otherwise it must be noted that it is an unauthorized translation. A statement regarding translation will be added to the permission statement for the Annual authors.

Shannon suggested that guidelines for reporting on Discussion Groups for the Annual be written. These could include recommendations like: appointing a scribe for the discussion, recording moderators, main points, issues, disclaimers, citations and handouts. Names of speakers in the discussion would be noted by the scribe for future review during the creation of the report, but would not be included in the report when published. This year the Annual will be dedicated to Carolyn Horton. Any decisions regarding required paper changes for the Annual can be made by Shannon.

There were no additional submissions to the JAIC as a result of letter from the BPG Publications Committee that was mailed to selected Annual authors.

The decision to give away the backlog of Annuals and other publications at the next AIC and IIC meetings was discussed. Backlog Annuals will be given away as it is convenient to ship them to meetings. The possibility of giving away the backlog of the Scrapbooks and Albums publication will be discussed with the PMG group.

Leslie identified 2006 as the 25th anniversary of BPG and the Annual. A celebratory meeting and special volume of the Annual could be planned for the event. Possible coordination between the BPG Executive Council, Education and Programs Committee, Publications Committee and AIC were discussed.

The committee members discussed their interests and contributions to the committee and the possibility of future new members.