Education and Programs Committee News

From the AIC Newsletter, Book and Paper Group Column: “Laura O’Brien-Miller and members of the Education and Programs Committee have revamped the Committee’s mandate, refining the charge, goals, and composition of the Committee. Working from a previous membership survey as well as current ideas submitted by members, the Committee works with AIC’s Education and Training Committee to put forth book and paper conservation workshop and other programming proposals. Please remember that you are encouraged (in fact, implored!) to send your ideas for workshops or other programs that BPG/AIC could support to Laura at laura.miller at yale dot edu.”

The Education and Programs Committee has contributed suggestions for workshops and other program offerings to be included in a proposal for a NEH Grant. Workshop proposals were based on the recent survey results of the BPG Membership, and therefore, reflects the stated needs of members.

The Education and Programs Committee is considering establishing a formal liaison position with a member of the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN). Building on the success of informal liaison positions ECPN has established over the last year and a half, we are optimistic about the opportunity to promote events and opportunities for emerging conservators, and raise awareness of the activities and needs of emerging conservators within the AIC community.