Abbey Publications
Abbey Publications
Selections from North American Permanent Papers
Ellen McCrady <>

North American Permanent Papers, 3rd ed. E. McCrady, ed. June 1998. 60 pp. ISBN 0-9622071-4-4. $19.50 plus postage, from Abbey Publications, 7105 Geneva Dr., Austin, TX 78723 (512/929-3992, Fax 512/929-3995, e-mail

This edition includes for the first time a section in which manufacturers were invited to describe briefly each of their archival products that had special characteristics not referred to in the ANSI/NISO standard for paper permanence.

In the main section, 400 papers are listed by their main use, and by company. Telephone numbers are provided for each of the 33 paper companies. All of the papers meet the specifications of ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992, Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives.

Six brief chapters follow the lists of papers. All chapters but those by Wilson and Adelstein have been revised.

Table of Contents

ONE The Papers
Part I: Lists of permanent papers
by company
by type of paper (selected categories)
Part II: Special archival products
Companies listing products in Part II
List of products by type:
Archival board
Watermarked office papers, permanent, for use in dissertations
Paper or board for safe storage of photographs
Dark- or bright-colored permanent paper or board
Handmade and artist' papers
Buffered groundwood
Types of archival paper or board the company can make on request
How to find the papers
Glossary of terms
TWO Permanence and Papermaking
Development of permanent record papers, by W.K. Wilson
The nature of permanence
Papermaking facts
THREE Standards and Testing
The ANSI/NISO Z39.48 standard and other standards
Permanence testing by purchaser
FOUR The Photographic Activity Test
Paper products as enclosures for photographic images, by Peter Z. Adelstein
FIVE The Questionnaire
Instruction sheet
Survey forms, Part I
Survey forms, Part II

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