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Re: [AV Media Matters] Digitizing Audio and Video-ReallyBigPost

I see making a backup of hard disk material onto another medium as absolutely essential! I would never trust a hard disk array as the sole

method of storing archival material. Drives fail all the time (whether from "head crashes" or something else) and require regular monitoring to

keep the data on the system intact.

I can't quite envision hard disks as the primary storage medium for long-term preservation. Great for immediate access and manipulation, but much too volatile to be considered "permanant" (much more so than

Maybe I misunderstand the suggestion, but I have heard various archivists talking about this idea and it makes me nervous!

-- Eric Wenocur
Lab Tech Systems

Jim Wheeler wrote:


With the incredible capacity of Hard Disk Drives and DataTapes, I see

reason for using compression for archival video. About 128 GB is required for one hour of uncompressed NTSC video.

LTO is now the most popular DataTape format.  You can get information
LTO at two websites:  www.ultium.com and www.ibm.com/storage/LTO

The three big manufacturers of HDDs have solved the head crash problem
so I
consider HDDs as a good archival medium.  Western Digital, Seagate,
Maxtor are the three.  I recommend the ATA interface.

I always recommend making two copies of everything and storing one set
off-site.  If you can afford to make one set LTO and the other set
would be ideal.

For distribution, it is hard to beat DVD.

Jim Wheeler

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