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Re: [AV Media Matters] More on moving the list....

I like your moderation Jim, as long as it's in moderation :)  I can

Irony of ironies, I'm getting a lot more spam lately (likely from
another list) so I set up a filter according to my organization's instructions.
The ONLY mail it filters out is the mail from this list...Does that make
you inherently spam?

Russ M.

>>> jim@media-matters.net 05/21/03 09:12pm >>>
I just learned that the list management software at Stanford does not 
currently support a Moderated List (this is a moderated list - where 
each message needs to get approved before it is posted). My intention is 
to keep this list as a moderated list - there are several reasons for 
this - most of them are to keep the quality of the list high and the 
traffic low - so you do not get "I am on vacation" postings and false 
replies and many other extraneous types of traffic. I have been told 
that they will be changing their software sometime in the 6 to 12
timeframe. For this reason I think that it is wise to continue with 
Topica until I can move the list and run it in the same fashion as it is 
currently run.

The bad news is of course issues relating to Topica software problems 
(mostly it seems that people sometimes get unsubscribed for no
and spam issues. Fortunately there has not been a spam problem with
list (largely due to it being moderated and my stopping it before you 
see it), but that is not the case with other lists - and as a result
have been told that Topica run email is filtered out at several 
organizations because SPAM has been transmitted by Topica servers. 
Occasionally I have been told that people cannot receive the list, or 
that it is filtered by their organizatons spam filter. The easy
to this is for any people who have this problem to simply get a free 
email account at Yahoo or Hotmail and enroll from this new account.
does of course mean that you have to check this account as well, but
does allow you to be enrolled on this list.... so in the meantime
is what will happen. As always, open to all suggestions and comments.


James Lindner

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