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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD-R vs. R-DAT


Helical is a proven technology.  I was on the team that developed the
helical tape recorder in 1962 and I was responsible for making sure that

tapes would interchange machine-to-machine.

On more recent videotape machines, I have run extensive durability
tests.  I 
ran several tapes 20,000 passes with NO increase in error rate except at
points where the tape threaded/untreaded around the scanner.  That's why
tell people to only eject a cassette tape after the recording.

The reason there were errors at the thread/untread points is that the
film on the heads collapses and the video heads actually touch the tape
for a 
brief instant.  Normally, the video heads do not contact the tape.  If
did, they would wear out fast.  How many hours have you operated your
recorder with no head problem?

I have 30 audio tapes made in 1943 and they play just fine so tape CAN
last a 
long time.

I have never recommended DAT or VHS for archiving but they are great
for viewing and distribution.

Jim Wheeler

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