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Re: [AV Media Matters] Video studio floor

If you want to track cameras on shot, then flatness is the most pressing

requirement.  A tracking camera on any kind of 'dolly' or crane is
liable to 
joggle about and make the shot look messy and unprofessional.

If your cameras are fixed, or move only between shots which are taken
static positions, then the quality of the floor is of little importance.

Good pro television studios spend real money on their floors.  Film
usually just use ordinary timber or concrete floors, and put down rails
they want to track a camera.  Wood has the advantage that you can nail
set to it!

You can always dress the set with carpet which, as well as helping
will help the acoustic a bit.  Be careful not to use too much carpet or
it too far down stage or it will get in the way of the cameras.
over carpet is out of the question.  If this is a problem, then painting
floor is an alternative.  It is both decorative and trackable.  You can 
either use a 'permanent' paint which should last a few months at least,
you can use specially formulated paint which is washable with water.
it off is best done using special machines which are made for the job.
does have the advantage that you can vary the colour/design to suit your


As to the acoustic effect, any flat hard floor is going to have almost
reflectivity to sound, except perhaps in the very low frequencies, so
the floor and treat the walls and *especially* the ceiling.

Unless, you know about acoustic treatment, it is not something to be 
undertaken without professional advice or, at least, a lot of research.

Don't just go along with what the product manufacturers tell you.  Their
customers are canning factories whose only interest is in making it
quieter - 
and never mind the frequancy curves!

Acoustic isolation is a completely separate problem, and may need to be 
addressed before the acoustic treatment.

Trevor Webster

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