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Re: [AV Media Matters] dusty CD-R's

As with ALL other types of media, CD-R's should be kept in protective
packaging until time to insert them in a drive.  This should keep them
free.  If they are coming to you with dust, try another vendor and
to the vendor you have.

The drive should be located in a dust free area.  Better
filters are readily available for most home and office environments.
the drive surfaces clean, especially around the loading door, and CD

Upon burning the CD, immediately label it and put it back into the
sleeve.  If you buy bulk packaged CD-R's, invest in appropriate
packaging for storage and handling after writing.

As was stated, many dust can products may not reveal what undesirable
propellant is used, and the pressure of them could easily propel an
accidental particle against a writing surface hard enough to scratch it.

If you must clean with air, invest in a squeeze bulb which Photographers
to clean lenses; those puff air gently.
Stuart Rohre
Applied Research Labs, U. Tx.

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