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Re: [AV Media Matters] dusty CD-R's

Robert Brian Levy wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering about how important dust-free CD-R reflective sides
> for
> optimal burns, low error occurences, archivability and the like.
> If, as I suspect, this is an issue, then what are some solutions for
> getting the CD-R's as dust-free as possible prior to burning?  Is
> some kind of air-in-a-can that would be ok to use (despite the fact
> many of these have chemicals in them which I fear might harm the
> CD-R's)?  Any other solutions?
> Thanks once again for any help you can provide.
>           Best,
>                Brian L
> --------------------------------------------
> Robert Brian Levy
> Language Activist and Archivist
> Executive Director
> Kiwat Hasinay Foundation
> 651 S. Peoria Ave. Apt. 4
> Tulsa, OK  74120  USA
> 1-405-401-3928
> kiwat@bigfoot.com
> http://www.ahalenia.com/kiwat

Recording drives perform an optimum power calibration routine before
each write. Dust or debris on the entrance surface diminish the
intensity of the laser beam, and the non-optimum intensity then writes a
permanent local defect into the disc. Dust or debris can also disturb
radial and focus servos of the recording drive.

Our seminars spend time on this issue, and the information cannot be
fully transferred in a brief e-mail, but a few tips follow. First, buy
clean discs and keep them clean by recording in a dust-free environment
(no carpets, no foot traffic, keep all horizontal surfaces clean.)
Second, expose the disc to a de-ionizing blower to remove static charge
that will attract dust. Third, if it is necessary to remove dust, use
VERY BRIEF bursts of clean air (we use the CleanTex AccuDuster III) and
avoid any discharge of propellant (observable as a whitish spray.)

Explore our FAQs and LINKS for more information.

Media Sciences, Inc.

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