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[AV Media Matters] dusty CD-R's

Hi everyone,

I was wondering about how important dust-free CD-R reflective sides are
optimal burns, low error occurences, archivability and the like.
If, as I suspect, this is an issue, then what are some solutions for 
getting the CD-R's as dust-free as possible prior to burning?  Is there 
some kind of air-in-a-can that would be ok to use (despite the fact that

many of these have chemicals in them which I fear might harm the 
CD-R's)?  Any other solutions?

Thanks once again for any help you can provide.


               Brian L

Robert Brian Levy
Language Activist and Archivist
Executive Director
Kiwat Hasinay Foundation
651 S. Peoria Ave. Apt. 4
Tulsa, OK  74120  USA

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