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[AV Media Matters] Digitizing Film


I had a question concerning the digitization 16 and 35mm film from a
faculty member. They are currently researching a rather large project
involving digital preservation and archiving of numerous media, of which 16
and 35mm is only a part. I only have experience with transferring film to
anaologue through a telecine chamber which I see no problem substituting a
digital capture source for but was wondering with the sophistication of
digital technologies might there be a prefered method. He was interested
not only in the technology but also cost. Of course I don't expect anyone
to do any research in this area but where you might be able to ballpark it
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Rob Macmorine
Communications, Popular Culture and Film Studies
Brock University
500 Glenridge Ave.
St. Catharines, On
L2S 3A1

(905) 688-5550 ext. 3998

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