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Re: [AV Media Matters] non-linear editing systems: HELP!


    A low cost investment solution is DV500Plus, of Pinnacle. A card PCI,
associate to a Breakout Box, accompanied of a package of necessary softwares
for audio and video editing like Adobe Premiere, Minerva Impression, Sonic
Foundry, characters generator  TitleDeko etc. It has analog audio and video
inputs ( composed video NTSC and S-VHS ) and DV with FireWire. If you are
seeking something serious entry-level, it is an excellent option .

     In a larger level of investment, already professional, other excellent
option is PURPLE of FastMultimedia. A system native DV,   WindowsNT / 2000.
There is a portable version, of smaller cost, that it is PURPLE Field, that
runs  in Laptop, competing directly with the FINAL CUT of Apple runnning in

     The FINAL CUT of Apple, now in the version 2.0, it is other excellent
option, that runs  in platform G4 or in PowerBook..

     A more powerful Final Cut is CINE WAVE, that uses a dedicated
additional card, accelerating the whole processing, allowing to work even
with HDTV. The system comes with an excellent software of video finalization
called COMBUSTION, and a more powerful characters generator.

     I am a professional working in a post-production company, and I don't
have any  link with the mentioned manufacturers.

     I am available if it can help you better.

 Juarez Argolo dos Reis
 Globo Tv Network - Brazil

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Subject: [AV Media Matters] non-linear editing systems: HELP!

>I work for a small university media center. I am looking
>to put together a dv-based non-linear system.  I was wondering
>if anyone had any suggestions for good video-capture cards, good
>systems, or even any good companies that can help me put together
>a decent system.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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