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[AV Media Matters] High End 601 > DV Firewire Encoders??

Maybe I am just obsolete - but it seems to me that there is probably a
VERY significant quality impact to the image you end up with in the
"encoding" process for getting some decent video quality into firewire.
Just the data rate reduction process alone would seem to be one that
could have different approaches which would have visibly different
quality levels - and I can think of several parameters that I as the
user might want to control in this process. So far the only "boxes" that
have been discussed that do this sound pretty low end. I went into my
Miranda catalog and they seem to have a box that does not look much
better either. Am I wrong about this - doesn't the quality jump in this
stage require careful consideration? I have a real hard time believing
that a $300 encoder is the best quality that the industry can supply. Am
I missing something here?


James Lindner

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