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RE: [AV Media Matters] DVD Compatability

Rob Macmorine
robmac@spartan.ac.BrockU.CA said to the AV-Media-Matters list...
On the subject: DVD Compatability

>A faculty member here at Brock U has had some problems loading some dvds we
>have purchased recently on his home player.
>Is it possible that there could be a compatability problem? Has anyone else
>come across this problem?

Then MODERATOR said...
>There are many compantibility issues with DVD's particularly with some home

Here's a few others:

I have two Matshita/Compaq SR-8584A combo CD-ROM/DVD drives, one on
a 400 mHz audio workstation, and the other on a 333 mHz office
computer.  Both have ATI RAGE 128 All-In-Wonder cards with the ATI
DVD Player ver 6.0 software. Both play most DVD's just nicely.  I
also have two Apex 600 DVD players (yes, the ones with the hidden
"secret" menu!).

The problem DVD's so far are:-

The Beatles; Yellow Submarine
Plays properly on the Apex, won't produce picture on the Compaq's,
just the control panel and a black screen area where the DVD picture
should be.

Men In Black; Special Features Edition
Plays OK on Apex, won't play on Compaq's without installing their PC
Friendly DVD program, and THEN when you try to play the film, the
images have jerky pans and movements.  Checking "DMA" in the DVD
player set up seems to help, but there are many things that SHOULD
work that don't... like slow motion play, and some selections of

This is not very impressive to say the least.

... Graham Newton

Audio Restoration by Graham Newton, http://www.audio-restoration.com
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recordings for consumers and re-releases, featuring CEDAR processes.

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