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[AV Media Matters] DVD Compatability


A faculty member here at Brock U has had some problems loading some dvds we
have purchased recently on his home player. There have 3 or 4 and they have
all been from the James Bond series. I have successfully played them on my
G4 and several other players on campus but they simply won't load for him.
Unfortunately he couldn't remember the make of his machine (maybe Sony?)
but it's a player that plays both laser discs and dvds. To his knowledge
only one company made these.

Is it possible that there could be a compatability problem? Has anyone else
come across this problem?


Rob Macmorine
Communications, Popular Culture and Film Studies
Brock University
500 Glenridge Ave.
St. Catharines, On
L2S 3A1

(905) 688-5550 ext. 3998

Moderators Comment:
There are many compantibility issues with DVD's particularly with some home
players - and there is just a ton of info on it on the net. Certain DVD's in
particular that have high bit rates or use some other enhanced capability
that is utilized can cause problems with certain players and there are some
codec issues as well. The DVD of "The Matrix" seemed to be one that caused
tons of problems for certain DVD players out there. I just got a PlayStation
2 and I am very interested to see what problems there will be with playing
back some DVD's on it. Yeah I know - most people buy it to play games - I
buy it to find CODEC incompatibilities..... once a geek always a geek....

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