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Re: [AV Media Matters] RV: Preservation of Dictaphone Record

I've transferred sound from many dictabelts. You have to think of
them kind of like large floppy cylinders. They turn much slower than
a cylinder and the groove is lateral and much smaller than a
cylinder groove. The sound quality is not that good but good
enough for speaking. So if you need someone to transfer the sound
out of a dictabelt and onto something more modern I can do it.

Adrian Cosentini
Chief Audio Engineer
Rodgers & Hammerstein Archives
40 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York NY 10025

>Hello ARSC members,
>I am the Non-print Conservator for the Emory University libraries in
>Atlanta Georgia.  The other day one of the librarians brought me a pack
>of  Dictaphone belts.  Does anyone know how to determine if their is
>recorded information on the belts, will the recorded signal look like an
>optical sound track?  Are there any companies that can transfer the
>recordings on the belts to a modern format?
>If anyone has any information regarding dictaphone belts you can either
>post the information or send it to me directly.

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