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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD Labels Idea

At 13:42 28/02/00 -0800, Steve Green wrote:

>If small labels were made (or could be die cut
>from larger label stock) and if a software program allowed for circular
>printing, it seems that quite a bit of information (well, enough anyway)
>could be printed and these could be placed on CDs without worrying about
>the fragile varnish layer that covers the data section.

Other than the fact that I would stick these on the *other* side of the
disc (ie, not the 'label' side) this seems about the best long-term
archivists option.

As for the labels, you can buy them already.  I know that Maxell market
them in the USA, in little retail packs of 18, and you could also purchase
them in quantity from CD-Repairman (see their website at
http:/www.cdrepairman.com).  In fact, the latter company will also print
them for you as well, if you wish.

>I think Mike suggested
>writing an ID number with a marking pen, but if more (neater) info was
>needed, I bet there are programs that could print small circular type.

There are any number of programs which could do this - the problem is that
labels this small are usually supplied on a roll, not in sheet form, and
this means that ordinary printers have a problem with handling them.  The
drawback with a sheet of labels (to suit an ordinary printer) becomes
apparent when you want each one printed differently at different times.  On
the other hand, a dedicated label printer (the type you would use to print
a bar code) is, almost by definition, designed to print to roll material
and many of them handle graphics quite comfortably.

The downside is that label printers are usually a bit pricey (not that that
would worry the archivists among us :-) ) and also use thermal transfer
technology - which means the item being labelled would probably outlast the

Graeme Jaye

Personal-CD - Affordable Audio Restoration


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