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Re: [AV Media Matters] Resource descriptors for AV

Do you mean form descriptors for cataloging audiovisual materials? I
haven't come across anything for sound. We here in the Recorded Sound
Section at the Library of Congress have been proposing (most have been
approved) audio form/genres for inclusion in the LC Subject Headings.
Our section also has its own local list of radio genre terms. I
believe the US Archives has its own list of audiovisual terms as does
ScreenSound Australia. The Library of Congress Moving Image Section
has devised its own list of form/genre headings for moving images that
is available on their Web site.

Does this help?

Nancy Seeger
>>> <dhaliwal@stv12.com.sg> 10/14 9:26 AM >>>

Is there a set of descriptors for audio-visual materials, like MESH
Subject Headings for medicine)?

Thanks in advance.

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