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[AV Media Matters] Archives Resource Community Website

This is to introduce the Archives Resource Community - a network
organisation of audio visual archives in India. We currently have
thirteen member institutions. It is not yet open to membership, but
we plan to register it as a formal body and then open it to
membership a little later.The archives are all either performing
arts or folklore based.
We are about to launch a website www.archive-india.org which - apart
from information on ARC and member pages, has a kind of "portal" for
audio visual archiving.

I am asking for suggestions and contributions of articles, useful
links etc. that any members of this list may have. Would somebody
like to contribute a small article on the AV media matters list ?
I will let you know as soon as it goes "live" as it will run
password protected for a few weeks before we go public so we can
improve the content, iron out possible bugs etc.

Thank you!

Shubha Chaudhuri

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