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[AV Media Matters] RV: Let's go on talking about DV, and other digital formats..

>-----Original Message-----
>De: José Llufrío <llufrio@icaic.inf.cu>
>Para: AV-Media-Matters@topica.com <AV-Media-Matters@topica.com>
>Fecha: martes 12 de octubre de 1999 17:11
>Asunto: Let's go on talking about DV, and other digital formats...
>Just like Eleanor, I have some doubts on the DV format. I'm not really
>concerned about drop-outs, since it's a digital format, with a very good
>error recovery/concealing algorithm.
>In this respect, it is no less than DigiBeta or Digital-S.
>The 1/4 inch size, however, compared to 1/2 inch formats, would mean greater
>risk of phisical damage to the tape surface, and greater loss, since data
>density is (I expect) greater in the narrower tape format.
>Can anyone compare published standards on data density, signal processing,
>&c. between digital video formats? This data is not easily available for me,
>so all I can give is "hearsay" testimony...
>Any further comments?
>José E. Llufrío

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