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[AV Media Matters] Video recycling

Dear all,

Our production dept. is throwing out around 200 used low band U-matic
tapes, and I have been assigned the task of disposing of them.

Is anyone aware of recycling facilities in the UK (we're based in
Bristol) for audiovisual materials? Failing that, would anybody like
these tapes?? We have contacted universities in the area, but no-one
seems interested (moved to high-band, can't take old stock etc.). It
seems awful to throw out so much stock - how do others deal with this
kind of thing?

Thanks for your thoughts,

Dominique O'Regan
Archive Services
1 Host Street
Bristol BS1 5BX, UK
T. +44 (0) 117 930 4099
F. +44 (0) 117 929 1197

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