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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recession and CD end of the road -- two possible signs

Tom Fine wrote:

2. A new jazz reissue series "Verve Originals." Unlike previous Verve "LP-alike" reissues, which had 
the cardboard color CD case and a pull-out 10x10 replica of the LP front and back, these have no 
booklet and the LP cover is replicated in 5x5 CD size (so forget reading the liner notes without a 

It will be interesting to see if this continues. It's sort of the reverse of the late 90's, a 
downmarket, non-deluxe reissue series. No added tunes, no deluxe notes/booklet, no attempts at 
LP-sized graphics.

-- Tom Fine 

It would be interesting to see if it continues, as some of the jazz reissue projects from late Polygram/early UMD just didn't hang in very long. While I was okay with "I Love John Frigo He Swings" I would really like to see "Tome VI" by Gil Mellé on CD -- I know, I won't hold my breath.

And very upmarket reissues have their problems too. In 1999 a librarian at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in charge of such things told me, "I'm not buying that 100 CD Duke Ellington box set (the RCA product commemorating Ellington's centenary) and tying up all that budget because it won't last -- somebody will sneak it out of here and there will go all that budget. Bye Bye! Not a chance..." 

David N. "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Assistant Editor, Classical


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