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Re: [ARSCLIST] Recession and CD end of the road -- two possible signs

On 17/06/2009, Tom Fine wrote:
> Interestingly, in recent months, Universal has brought back into print
> some jazz and classical titles. I don't think they did any
> remastering, but the new versions are steeply discounted compared to
> the last time in print. The discount is achieved by really cheap
> packaging and what appears to be limited distribution through online
> sellers.
> Two cases in point:
> 1. The Dorati Haydn symphony cycle, out of print for a few years and
> formerly street priced at over $100. Now back in print for just over
> $2 per disc at Arkivmusic. There appears to be a minimalist booklet in
> the minimalist box.
Amazon.co.uk lists this set as available from several dealers, both on
the US and the UK.

More important is that the Dorati Haydn operas have also been reissued.
Most of these have no alternate recordings. The price per CD is higher
than for the symphonies, but still reasonable. No librettos.

These reissues are probably prompted by this being the bicentenary of
Haydn's death.

> 2. A new jazz reissue series "Verve Originals." Unlike previous Verve
> "LP-alike" reissues, which had the cardboard color CD case and a
> pull-out 10x10 replica of the LP front and back, these have no booklet
> and the LP cover is replicated in 5x5 CD size (so forget reading the
> liner notes without a magnifier).
> It will be interesting to see if this continues. It's sort of the
> reverse of the late 90's, a downmarket, non-deluxe reissue series. No
> added tunes, no deluxe notes/booklet, no attempts at LP-sized
> graphics.
Good for filling in gaps in a collection.

Don Cox

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