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Re: [ARSCLIST] Virgin Sacrifice

A collection may have a better chance of selling if it is unusual or of interest to some University or archive. My collection was all of one artist, Vernon Dalhart. Once I reached my 80s I started checking and discovered a couple of universities that had an interest in my collection. However, once some of my collector friends discovered I was thinking of disposing of my collection they bought it. I sold it as I was no longer to give it the attention it required. But I still enjoy checking the mail order and internet auctions and occasional still find a new - to me - Dalhart record. I send them on to the new owners Jack

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***Since we can't take either one with us, it might be more merciful on those we leave behind to leave a single computer drive and iPod vs. a house of moldy things to be disposed of. On the other hand, if it's a house full of minty Black Pattys, Shaded Dogs and McIntosh amplifiers, perhaps the survivors will forgive the clutter as the cash rolls in from selling it! But this isn't usually the case. I think there are guys on this list who appraise giant piles of shellac and vinyl all the time and will report how worthless many acres of this stuff is, so mainly it's a burden on those left behind unless they share the love of the stuff or own a carting business.

Tom, your words have great meaning for me. I hope to retire soon and we are thinking that it might be a good idea to downsize and sell the house. Indeed, I wish it were all on a computer drive. Many of my friends who are collectors are reaching the age of retirement. None of us really have any sense of what to do with the stuff. How much can you revisit when you might have ten or twenty years, at best, left? While collecting can be an end unto itself, I find that as I age, that rationale has less meaning.

Sadly, so few libraries are interested in recordings. So indeed, what do you do with the stuff. You certainly don't want to leave it for those who remain to dispose of it. I just hope that I live long enough to get rid of it all.


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