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Re: [ARSCLIST] Orphan Audio Symposium?


While I don't know of a symposium specific to orphan audio, however, I know that Dan Streible of the Orphans Film Conference is also interested in sound as well as image.  In lieu of an orphan audio conference, you might consider applying to present at future Orphans film conferences (http://www.nyu.edu/orphanfilm/orphans7/).

And, of course, with ARSC's interest in recorded sound and intellectual property issues, I'm sure the ARSC conference would be amenable to an expanded conversation with orphan audio -- and conversations may already be going on.


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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Orphan Audio Symposium?
I am wondering if anyone knows of any symposium  dedicated to orphan audio
collections? I know the Orphans Symposium dedicated to film collections has
included audio components in the past. But as far as i know, no such
symposium for audio as feature, exists.  (aside from the ARSC conference
which covers an array of issues surrounding audio)  Let me know if i am
wrong, and who is doing this with regards to orphan collections.  Or,
perhaps what can be done as a community to launch such efforts. ?

I have been working with a number of un-housed audio collections, and am
curious as to how to shed more light on this expansive area of unpreserved,
orphaned audio.

Very best,
Victoria Keddie


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