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Re: [ARSCLIST] Orphan Audio Symposium?

I am wondering if anyone knows of any symposium  dedicated to orphan audio
collections? I know the Orphans Symposium dedicated to film collections has
included audio components in the past. But as far as i know, no such
symposium for audio as feature, exists.  (aside from the ARSC conference
which covers an array of issues surrounding audio)  Let me know if i am
wrong, and who is doing this with regards to orphan collections.  Or,
perhaps what can be done as a community to launch such efforts. ?

I have been working with a number of un-housed audio collections, and am
curious as to how to shed more light on this expansive area of unpreserved,
orphaned audio.

Very best,
Victoria Keddie


T  646.684.5494
E  vkeddie@xxxxxxxxx

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