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Re: [ARSCLIST] Vaughn Meader

----- Original Message ----- From: "Michael Biel" <mbiel@xxxxxxxxx>
For many years my only copy of Vol 2 was the stereo copy. I had not
gotten it by the time of the assassination, and found it in Stereo
Record King in Phila around 1965. I GRABBED IT QUICKLY! I got monos
from about 2or 3 pressing plants years later. But I remember shopping
for the best price of Vol 1 the weekend of Thanksgiving and seeing, for
example, 300copies mono and no stereo on the counter at E.J. Korvettes
in Paramus NJ for $1.79 which turned out to be the best price but they
were GONE by the time I returned about an hour later!!! It was the
closest store of the ones I checked, so it was first and then I decided
to get it as I circled back towards home. My brother in law ended up
getting it for me in NYC later the afternoon.

I have a shelf full of the tribute albums which took over the xmas
season of 63 as this and My Son the Folk Singer had taken over the 62
season.  I'm working on an article about this and was showing Leah some
of the Billboard articles last night.  But they are missing a couple of
the important issues from the on=line file, and I already have those
photocopied though.

Hmm-m-m-m...didn't know the "I GOTTA BUY THIS, IT'LL BE
VALUABLE SOON!!" syndrome was active in 1963...?!

It'd be about ten years until a whole whack of "gonnabe wannabes"
got stuck with gazillions of "Billy" beer cans (served 'em right!!)!
Sadly, life has changed from "need to survive" to "need to be more
rich (and powerful...implied) than the rest of you peasants!!

There are MANY collectors of Beanie Babies(TM Reg) out there
in Radio-Land who are still waiting to collect huge sums for their
"puce tag" "Rarities(?!)...serves 'em freakin' RIGHT!!

(Just think...my "only surviving example" 78 on the Okie label
should net me about a million or two...?!)

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