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[ARSCLIST] Sarnoff Library to Close Archive looks for a new home!

The following letter fromAlex Magoun of the Sarnoff Library was just  
forwarded to me by a friend,  I've also provided link to the article that  Alex 
references in his message.
Dear Friends of the  Library, 
This Sunday the Times of Trenton will run a story on the  closing of the 
David Sarnoff Library by the end of the  year. 
The Library’s success in  attracting field trips and tour groups has 
outgrown our host Sarnoff  Corporation’s ability to accommodate the attendant 
security and access issues,  especially given its expanding business in 
government security technologies.  When I started working here in 1998, the Library 
received perhaps 100  visitors in a year; in the last year, that number has 
multiplied to 1,400  through our field trips, programs, and tours.  That 
still small number,  magnified by the hundreds of thousands of visitors to our 
website, promised only  to increase as we continued to promote the Library’s 
offerings to tour companies  and regional school districts. 
My board and I are meeting with a  variety of institutions.  We are 
focusing on and meeting with  representatives of those that will enable greater 
access to the remarkable and  inspiring stories told by David Sarnoff and the 
people of RCA in research,  invention, and innovation, the mainstays of 
American economic success.  We  are exploring opportunities in-state and out, and 
while it is too early to  discuss these options, we look forward to making 
an announcement in the next  month.  
For now, we are eternally grateful  to Sarnoff Corporation’s executives and 
staff who, over the past nine years have  done so much to help make the 
Library a destination for educational,  professional, and scholarly audiences.  
I am also especially grateful to  our board members who, in that nine 
years, have guided the Library’s growth; to  the New Jersey Historical Commission 
and the Secretary of State for their  operating support grants; to many 
other grantors and donors for their financial  support; to the allied 
organizations who share an interest in promoting science  and technology; to the 
teachers and principals who brought their classes to our  new field trip 
programs; to the contractors and dozens of volunteers who helped  rebuild the 
museum, organize and preserve the archives, and stage our amazing  variety of 
educational programs; and of course to you, the many friends of the  Library, 
from all these areas and more.  Thank you  all! 
Alexander B. Magoun  Ph.D. 
Curator and Executive  Director 
David Sarnoff  Library 
201  Washington Road 
Princeton NJ 08540-6449 
609  734-2636 
f 609  734-2339 
The article is at:   _http://tinyurl.com/n3a7hm_ 

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