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Re: [ARSCLIST] New LoC Recording Registry

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> From Tom Fine: 
> The Command records, specifically "Persuasive Percussion," "Provocative
> Percussion," "Big Band Bossa
> Nova," and "Stereo/35mm" all charted, in fact Persuasive was at the top
> of the Billboard stereo
> album charts for weeks and weeks. 

Those along with the Audio Fidelity Dukes of Dixieland recordings and some of RCA's Boston Pops titles were the very first stereo records many of my friends and I ever heard. They stand up remarkably well even today. I have serious doubts that anybody would have bought stereo phonographs without hearing those "demonstration records" in the stores. I also think that Quad and 5.1 music are the colossal commercial failures that they have been entirely because of the lack of convincing demonstration recordings being available at the time most people got their first exposure to the new formats.

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