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Re: [ARSCLIST] New LoC Recording Registry

From: Tom Fine <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Also, no early stereo pop stuff, which sold millions and millions of records.

Tom, you would have LOVED the presentation Dennis Rooney gave at ARSC
last week about 1959: the first full year of the stereo disc.  It was so
evocative of my experiences in hi-fi that year I hit 13 and bought my
first component system (as partially just discussed in the prior posting
about getting my first tape recorder.)  I was so glad my daughter was
sitting there next to me to hear it, especially since we had gone thru
the catalogs of 58 and 59 last year for a project she was doing.  Of
course now I have to go thru the pre-recorded tape catalogs of those
years to figure out the prior question, but those catalogs are several
hundred miles away right now.   

I assume that you mean things like the Command Persuasive/Provacative
Percussion series, the Somerset 101 Strings series, Bob Schory,
Esquavel, and Sounds Your Eyes Can Follow on RCA, etc. but there are a
fair amount of early stereo stuff from the 58-61 years like (1958) Dance
Mania. Tito Puente; Winds in Hi-Fi. Eastman Wind Ensemble with Frederick
Fennell; "Poeme Electronique." Edgard Varese; (1959)Time Out. The Dave
Brubeck Quartet; Mingus Ah-Um. Charles Mingus; Giant Steps. John
Coltrane; Kind of Blue. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley,
Bill Evans, and others; "What'd I Say," parts 1 and 2. Ray Charles;
(1960) Drums of Passion. Michael Babatunde Olatunji; and (1961) Judy at
Carnegie Hall. Judy Garland. 

We should nominate Sound in the Round, Music for Non-Thinkers, Music for
Bang Barooom and Harp, Delirium in Hi-Fi, Bob and Ray on A Platter,
Cartoons In Stereo, etc etc.  I've been meaning to do these and a bunch
of other things but I never get around to it.  You can put nominations
in year-round.  They did The Churkendoose this year (one of my
favorites), and I've got a bunch of other kids records that also need to
be nominated.  I resolve to do it, and all you other complainers, get
off your duffs (or stay on your duffs in front of the computer) and
nominate what you favor.

Mike Biel  mbiel@xxxxxxxxx 

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