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Re: [ARSCLIST] Cleaning of grooved discs

On 22/01/2009 Marc Sueiro wrote;

MSB> The standard cleaning machine is of course the Keith Monks machine.
MSB> Although expensive, everyone seems to agree that it pays for itself
MSB> for very large jobs.
MSB> http://www.keithmonks-rcm.co.uk/

Although a very small operation, we have owned a Monks for the last
ten years or so and it is one of the best investments we have ever
made.  Built like the proverbial .... these things just keep going for
ever and ever.

Not cheap, agreed.  However, if you amortise the cost over its real life,
then it really is very affordable.

If the budget will stretch to one, then I would recommend a purchase.

I can't comment on the efficacy of a lot of the cleaning chemistry out
there. as I use one developed by myself. The Disc Doctor products
appear to be highly regarded and I note that Monks now offer one of
their own.

Graeme Jaye


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