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[ARSCLIST] Cleaning of grooved discs

Dear Listmembers,


The Biblioteca de Catalunya in Barcelona (Spain) has been using Nitty
Gritty cleaning fluids Pure1 (78 rpm) and Pure2 (vinyls) and machines
for many years, with pretty good results. In addition to our experience,
our Preservation team is trying to gather all recommendations regarding
the process of cleaning, and we'd very much appreciate yours. 


We are not quite satisfied with Nitty Gritty services in Spain, so we
stopped buying them. Our cleaning machine is now Clearaudio SMART
MATRIX, but we still used Nitty Gritty fluids, applied manually on the
discs surface. 


We gathered many information from specialised bibliography. Nitty Gritty
in the USA kindky sent to us the components of both fluids Pure 1 and 2.
But we would like to ask ARSC members about their experience in cleaning
old 78's, acetates, lacquer discs and vinyls. 


In orther not to bother the list with this, you could send the answers
to the e-mail stated below.


Many thanks in advance,


Margarida Ullate i Estanyol


Biblioteca de Catalunya

Hospital, 56

08001 Barcelona

+34 93270 2300 (2166)




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