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Re: [ARSCLIST] 45rpm sound quality with respect to their 33rpm counterpart?

Lou Judson wrote:
Not something I will be looking for, but I'm curious what the music is, and the performer.... Isn't this list about the MUSIC ;-)? heh heh.
Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

OTOH, the finest capture of piano sound in my library is on a Japanese
45-rpm twelve-inch. The instrument is a Bösendorfer Imperial and despite the
miking being a bit close, it remains an audio reference in my library. (RCA
RDC-4, JRL 1-1105 Direct Master Series)

Beethoven's "Appasionata" Sonata (Op. 57) played by Ikuyo Kamiya. Technically well performed but more bombastic than I like. In short, musically uninteresting but as audio a proof of principle. Rather like the Sheffield Drum Disc - except that Keitner makes some real music.


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