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Re: [ARSCLIST] Meta comment with new subject line.

Note that the ARSClist is unmoderated which means it's up to everybody to keep comments on topic as stated in the statement on the purpose of the list at http://www.arsc-audio.org/arsclist .  I can and will remove people for flaming or personal attacks, but we are counting on everybody to keep the list valuable and informative.

Bryan Cornell
ARSClist Administrator

>>> Lou Judson <inaudio@xxxxxxxxx> 10/24/08 6:36 PM >>>
I agree with Tom here.

But one answer is "Beverage Digest" no?

And I lose patience easily with all the small personal sniping going  
on. SOME elists have careful moderation to keep things on topic -  
except they they are all in fun! This list is very poorly moderated -  
even discussion of the music and record collections is literally off  
topic... Who IS the moderator anyway?

I'm here to learn about archiving and transferral; not old record per  
se or the merits of playback devices excapt as applies to archival  
transfers. Such as, what kinds of cartridges and stylii are best for  
which kinds of discs? How do we catalog metadata? Those are directly  
on topic, and hardly ever discussed in my two years of monitoring  
this list...

But that is just me. Much of the off-topic junk is highly  
entertaining! Carry on, ladies and gentlemen!


Lou Judson * Intuitive Audio

On Oct 24, 2008, at 11:57 AM, Tom Fine wrote:

> Wow, Steve, that's really rude. You apparently have little impulse  
> control yourself. It is you who shouldn't shoot from the hip, and  
> please cease the personal attacks. I won't respond to a personal  
> attack on a public list. If you had any class or dignity, you  
> wouldn't launch them on a public list.
> -- Tom Fine

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