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Re: [ARSCLIST] Meta comment with new subject line (public aspects of ARSCLIST)

It might be worth noting that the ARSCLIST resides on a Library
of Congress supported server, and is also indexed by the major
search engines - meaning that is very accessible by the public,
and may possibly remain so for a very long time.

So to the extent that you may feel you are having a somewhat
private exchange of words (among the ARSCLIST members), you are
in fact having a very public exchange for all the world to see.

Just something to think about before hitting the "Send" button.

Eric Jacobs

The Audio Archive, Inc.
tel: 408.221.2128
fax: 408.549.9867
Disc and Tape Audio Transfer Services and Preservation Consulting

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Thanks Bryan. I suppose people's definition of attacks can be
different. Nice to know you are listening!

Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

On Oct 25, 2008, at 8:30 AM, Bryan E Cornell wrote:

> Note that the ARSClist is unmoderated which means it's up to
> everybody to keep comments on topic as stated in the statement on
> the purpose of the list at http://www.arsc-audio.org/arsclist .  I
> can and will remove people for flaming or personal attacks, but we
> are counting on everybody to keep the list valuable and informative.
> Bryan Cornell
> ARSClist Administrator

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