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Re: [ARSCLIST] Purpose of ARSCList, was: looking for supplies

Hi Lou (and all),

From the ARSClist page on ARSC's web site:

"Topics appropriate for discussion may include discussion about recorded sound research,
history, innovations, preservation, archiving, copyrights and access and announcements about
ARSC activities and publications. Other lists may be more appropriate forums for subjective
discussions of particular recordings or artists, restoration of antique equipment, buying and
selling recordings and the collecting of ephemera. All messages posted to the list will be archived
permanently. By posting to this list the subscriber agrees to have his or her message become
part of the permanent public archive."

Certainly the topics you mention in your message are listed above, but ARSClist has long been
a venue for music discussion, particularly concerning discography.

It's worth noting (again) that ARSC's Associated Audio Archivists Committee created a message board
for sole purpose of discussing matters related to recorded sound preservation and collection management.

I invite anyone interested in such topics to please visit the board. It's up to us to make the message
board a valuable resource (especially for fellow librarians/ archivists, paraprofessionals, and students
seeking answers to questions).

ARSC page URL: http://www.arsc-audio.org/messageboard.html
Direct URL: http://arsc-aaa.invisionzone.com/forums/index.php

thanks and take care,

On Oct 22, 2008, at 10:36 AM, Lou Judson wrote:

Similar complaints are heard on NatureRecordists e-list... too much tech and not enough animals!

I was under the impression that this list is for restoration and archiving, and the equipment and techniques related to that. I for one am not looking for music or record discussion, except how to best play them and maintain archives.

I'd like to see more discussion of tape machines and A/D convertors, storage needs and digital preservation methods, what people and institutions use for metdata and migration, etc... Less about music. Am I on the wrong list for that? Can anyon point me to a better resource if so?


Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

PS: 3M Type 67 is the only good splicing tape I know about. It's the light blue kind, and never goops or runs or falls off in my experience.

On Oct 21, 2008, at 9:14 PM, Howard Friedman wrote:

HEY, DOESN'T ANYONE TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC IN THIS THREAD? All I read about is a cable here, and a power line there, with an amplifier over there, and a delimiter some place else. I thought 78-L referred to the records, which actually do contain MUSIC.


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