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[ARSCLIST] looking for supplies

We're looking for recommended makes of the following materials, and well as for vendors that can supply them.

	- 1/4" leader (not paper)
	- 1/4" splicing tape or tabs*
	- compact cassette shells
	- compact cassette leader

* It's been pointed out to us that cheaper splicing tape often has adhesive on both sides of the tape, and that some brands used adhesive that became soft (oozed) over time. These are 'features" we'd obviously like to avoid.

Thanks for any help.

Kevin N. Tripp
AMIPA--Alaska Moving Image Preservation Assoc.

v 907.786.4986
e kevin@xxxxxxxxx

The Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association is a 501(c)(3) non- profit dedicated to media preservation and education to ensure long- term access to Alaska’s moving image heritage.

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