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[ARSCLIST] Purpose of ARSCList, was: looking for supplies

Similar complaints are heard on NatureRecordists e-list... too much tech and not enough animals!

I was under the impression that this list is for restoration and archiving, and the equipment and techniques related to that. I for one am not looking for music or record discussion, except how to best play them and maintain archives.

I'd like to see more discussion of tape machines and A/D convertors, storage needs and digital preservation methods, what people and institutions use for metdata and migration, etc... Less about music. Am I on the wrong list for that? Can anyon point me to a better resource if so?


Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

PS: 3M Type 67 is the only good splicing tape I know about. It's the light blue kind, and never goops or runs or falls off in my experience.

On Oct 21, 2008, at 9:14 PM, Howard Friedman wrote:

HEY, DOESN'T ANYONE TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC IN THIS THREAD? All I read about is a cable here, and a power line there, with an amplifier over there, and a delimiter some place else. I thought 78-L referred to the records, which actually do contain MUSIC.


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