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Re: [ARSCLIST] Absolute Polarity

At 02:46 PM 2008-10-19, Tom Fine wrote:
This is what I alway thought too! I'm surprised there was ever any "controversy" about this. I was always taught -- pay attention to polarity and maintain it from mic to speaker. Since this wisdom came from guys like my father and Bob Eberenz, this would have dated from at least the 1940's. When did a mentality of "pay not attention to polarity" come about, or is this is a ginned up "controvery"? I can't understand why one WOULDN'T pay attention to this, especially given the mixed balanced/unbalanced setups of today. Was this some sort of late 60's/early 70's pin3/pin2 outgrowth?

Hello, Tom,

I'm not sure when Lipschitz's work was codified for magnetic polarity on the tape, but the problem arose in tape recorders far more than anywhere else. I recall seeing, at one time, the instruction to attach the head cables to the repro head in the polarity that provided the lower noise. I thought it was in the ReVox A77 manual, but I cannot find that now, so I don't know where I read it.



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