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Re: [ARSCLIST] Absolute Polarity

This is what I alway thought too! I'm surprised there was ever any "controversy" about this. I was always taught -- pay attention to polarity and maintain it from mic to speaker. Since this wisdom came from guys like my father and Bob Eberenz, this would have dated from at least the 1940's. When did a mentality of "pay not attention to polarity" come about, or is this is a ginned up "controvery"? I can't understand why one WOULDN'T pay attention to this, especially given the mixed balanced/unbalanced setups of today. Was this some sort of late 60's/early 70's pin3/pin2 outgrowth?

-- Tom Fine

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>Clark writes:
One small start might be for every studio to make even just its own internal
production conform to one polarity, day in, day out -- but there's never
been any reason for them to do so.

Actually most of the studios doing major label work have paid close attention for years. The problem is that few recordings are made in such studios today and few cables are wired in studio shops.

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