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Re: [ARSCLIST] Absolute Polarity

On Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 2:46 PM, Tom Fine <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> This is what I alway thought too! I'm surprised there was ever any
> "controversy" about this.

We're in line together here.

> I was always taught -- pay attention to polarity and maintain it from mic
> to speaker. Since this wisdom came from guys like my father and Bob Eberenz,
> this would have dated from at least the 1940's.

I don't think the phenomenon itself was recognized until the early Sixties,
although surely many listeners knew something was "wrong" occasionally.

> When did a mentality of "pay not attention to polarity" come about, or is
> this is a ginned up "controvery"? I can't understand why one WOULDN'T pay
> attention to this, especially given the mixed balanced/unbalanced setups of
> today. Was this some sort of late 60's/early 70's pin3/pin2 outgrowth?

In the aforementioned book I traced the whole sorry story, beginning in 1952
at Harvard University. Who knew?


> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Absolute Polarity
> >Clark writes:
>>> One small start might be for every studio to make even just its own
>>> internal
>>> production conform to one polarity, day in, day out -- but there's never
>>> been any reason for them to do so.
>> Actually most of the studios doing major label work have paid close
>> attention for years. The problem is that few recordings are made in such
>> studios today and few cables are wired in studio shops.
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