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Re: [ARSCLIST] Aren't recordings original sources?

I do need to weigh in here with my two cents-to suggest as plain old Clark does below that a mastering studio is not a "listening" studio is simply wrong. That is precisely what a well-designed mastering facility is! They are in fact some of the most meticulous and carefully designed acoustical spaces ever built to facilitate critical listening. From the tuned room to the various speaker systems and amplification choices and playback machines all of those components are exactly what a top mastering engineer is known for, but most importantly it is his/her incredibly fine ears.

We are extremely lucky to have just such a person, named Bob Olhsson in our midst.


Clark Johnsen wrote:
On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 8:21 AM, Rob Poretti <r.poretti@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


There being no evidence offered, I'll just have to note that on all
wide-range high-resolution audio systems I've ever heard, specialty power
cords have wrought major improvements. Granted that's just observational
data, but it's the only data so far.


Hi Clarke,

Jus' plain ol' Clark.

In another life, I too have had the pleasure of working in some of the very
best mastering facilities in the world - Bernie Grundman, Gateway, Sterling
Sound, Mastermix, Georgetown, etc... Many of these I've been to on
occasions and was involved in various listening tests... but not related to
AC cables.

Nice company you keep. I mean it!

Ever have occasion to speak to Stan Ricker? I'm sure he would back up
everything I've said on this thread -- and probably go further!

Ditto Steve Hoffmann.

A few of these facilities use those $1000+ AC cables. I did not have the
balls to ask them to swap to a standard cable for my own curiosity, but I
can tell you *none* of the mastering engineers described the differences as
"major improvements".

Again, the studio environment... these are not listening studios, these are recording (or mastering) studios.

Besides, I've never claimed that differences are instantly detectable.
They're not, usually. They get to you over an extended period.

Do I understand by your comments that the "major
improvements" that you discerned did not require ABX listening tests?

"Require"? As stated earlier, ABX only blurs the distinctions.

Someone locally here once told me he'd done a DBT that proved to the 99%
confidence level, that insertion of the ABX box was audible. I chuckled, as
I might hope everyone would.

Who elected the ABX box as our arbiter?

was easily audible?

As I said, sometimes it was immediate, but sometimes not until the DUT's *

Please elaborate...

Hope that helps.


Rob Poretti
Sales Engineer - Archiving
Cube-Tec North America


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