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Re: [ARSCLIST] question about remote recordings from the 20-30s

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From: "sam briger" <sbriger@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> So did the record companies head out with similar-sized recorders or they
more/bigger equipment?
> Did they even use their own equipment or did they use smaller companies
that were already established in the areas they were going to?
> I have very little information but have heard about how Robert Johnson was
recorded in a hotel, and so if that is correct someone must have set
something up temporarily. I also have read that it was durign this time that
recordings went from purely acoustic recordings to using microphones.
> I apologize if anything I am saying is obviously apochryphal.
Victor and Columbia started recording electrically in early 1925...and
Brunswick a few months
thereafter. Okeh was acquired by Columbia around the end of 1925, but was
run as a separate
operation until the early thirties. Also, there were effectively NO "smaller
companies" away from
the NYC centre of the industry!

Since "portable" electric recording set-ups were possible (the gear weighed
a few hundred
pounds), hotels and similar locations could be used as recording facilities.

Also, most of the record companies used locally-based "talent scouts" to
search for
country or race-record talent (for example, Ralph Peer). These people would
the word in a southern city that they would be auditioning talent for
recording on
such-and-such dates...and they ALWAYS found talented artists!

Steven C. Barr

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