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Re: [ARSCLIST] question about remote recordings from the 20-30s

Im the case of Gennett Records (Richmond, Indiana), they built a mobile electrical recording lab in the back of a large truck. This was mostly to satisfy Harry Gennett's passion for making sound effect recordings, mostly in the 1930s. I doubt the truck made the June 1926 Arizona/California location recording trip. It is more likely that an early electrical disc cutter was put on the train.
I actually have a photo of the truck around here somewhere, it's just being elusive right now.
If I can find it, I'll post it and let you know where.
Malcolm Rockwell


sam briger wrote:
So did the record companies head out with similar-sized recorders or they more/bigger equipment?
Did they even use their own equipment or did they use smaller companies that were already established in the areas they were going to? I have very little information but have heard about how Robert Johnson was recorded in a hotel, and so if that is correct someone must have set something up temporarily. I also have read that it was durign this time that recordings went from purely acoustic recordings to using microphones. I apologize if anything I am saying is obviously apochryphal.
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