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Re: [ARSCLIST] Is there a real-deal RCA Living Stereo discography out there?

Never seen this site before.You will note this discography has some holes in it.There are a one or two of them that I have that are not here.Nor are any of the Living Stereo titles pressed exclusively for The RCA Record Club (The Hornstein/ VSOO Strauss,the Earl Wild Liszt opera transcriptions.) listed here.

There was a much better book on Living Stereo that came out as a imited edition in the late 90s,


Tom Fine <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: I spent some time looking and couldn't find anything online except a pretty complete listing of 

What I'm hoping to find is a real-deal discography, with such information as session dates, 
recording locations and, ideally, some technical details. I can glean a good bit of this from CD and 
SACD booklets but there's a good chunk of the catalog that never made it to digital or is out of 
print now.

If I cook up a spreadsheet, I'll share it with whomever asks for it. Heck, if someone wants to host 
it online, that's fine too.

-- Tom Fine

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