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Re: [ARSCLIST] question about remote recordings from the 20-30s

Another source I don't believe has been mentioned yet is Dixon and Godrich's book Recording the Blues, especially the chapter "Into the Field 1927-1930." A library may have the original 1970 ed., but it was recently compiled in Yonder Come the Blues: The Evolution of a Genre (New York: Cambridge University Press).

As for A&R, if there aren't transcripts of the Ralph Peer & Art Satherly interviews available on-line, there should be. You could also look out for information about David Kapp, Frank Walker, & Polk Brockman. Here's some stuff about the 1927 Bristol, TN sessions: http://www.birthplaceofcountrymusic.org/node/28

There's much more documentation for the early recording of ethnic music in the field: read or read about Fred Gaisberg for starters, also check out Paul Vernon (http://www.bolingo.org/audio/texts/articles.html, and his book Ethnic & Vernacular Music), Pekka Gronow, and (more generally) Erika Brady's A Spiral Way.
cheers and good luck,
Franz Kunst

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