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[ARSCLIST] Toscanini transcriptions

I have a small collection of Toscanini transcription discs made from NBC
radio broadcasts (or at least live concerts) for distribution in Latin
America.  All are works by Beethoven.  Is there a source for matching NBC
matrix numbers to the original broadcast/performance dates?

The labels are white with blue type, and say "Lira Panamericana."  Recorded
and manufactured by National Broadcasting Company.

Here are the program numbers, followed by matrix numbers:

60A, ND5-MM-4200
61A, ND5-MM-4202
60B, ND5-MM-4201
61B, ND5-MM-4203
64A, ND5-MM-4208
65A, ND5-MM-4210
64B, ND5-MM-4209
65B, ND5-MM-4211
66B, ND5-MM-4339
67B, ND5-MM-4341
68A, ND5-MM-4342
69A, ND5-MM-4344
70B, ND5-MM-4347
71B, NDB-MM-4349
72B, ND5-MM-4406
73B, ND5-MM-4408
74A, ND5-MM-4409
75A, ND5-MM-4411
74B, ND5-MM-4410
75B, ND5-MM-4412
76B, ND5-MM-4482
77B, ND5-MM-4484

Any help is appreciated,
Sammy Jones

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