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Re: [ARSCLIST] Marsh book

Steven Smolian <smolians@xxxxxxxxx> wrote
  ***So I'm still looking for the other-than AT concert listings. 

You might want to consult:
  Meyer, Donald Carl: The NBC Symphony Orchestra, University of California, Davis, 1994
  This dissertation is available online via ProQuest or can be purchased via University Microfilms. I have a print copy. The book includes a day by day listing of performances of the orchestra, not only when it was listed as the NBC Symphony, but also things like the Music Appreciation Hour conducted by Damrosch, Voice of Firestone, Milestones of Music History, Cities Service Shows (Variety Concerts) etc. Program contents have been compiled from a variety fo sources including the NY Times listings. For the Cities Service Programs performers are listed. NBC Symphony performances not broadcast are also included. 

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